Chapter 13: Chromosome, mapping, and the Meiosis - Inheritance connection


Critical to Know

1. How to perform monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
2. test yourself on Pages 275 - 278

Must Know

Sex linkage
Sex chromosomes
Sex determination
{Genetic mapping information isn't covered in Bio 200}
Genetic recombination
Non-dysjunction and Down Syndrome
Gregor Mendel
Filial Generation
Punnett square
Medel's Law of Segregation
Test cross
Medel's Lay of Independent Assortment
Binomial distribution
How to calculate simple probabilities
Pleiotropic effects
Complete vs. incomplete dominance
Multiple alleles
How to read a genetic pedigree
Sickle Cell Anemia
Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
Sex linkage
Cross over
Genetic recombination
[Genetic mapping is not necessary - p 268-271]
Non-disjunction and Down Syndrome
[Genetic Counseling is not necessary p 274]


Instructor: Professor Clyde Herreid:
and Professor Chuck Fourtner;
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