Herreid Fall 2015                                COURSE POLICIES                    BIO200A –EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY


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1.   There will be three (3) examinations during the course: two (2) midterms, Fridays 5:00-7:00 PM (Oct. 2nd &

       Nov. 6th) and a final exam (Monday, December 14th, 11:45—2:45 PM). Make arrangements to be there as there are no alternate times. 

2.   All exams will cover the material from the beginning of the course; i.e., exams are cumulative.

3.   You are responsible for everything that happens in the course.  Exams will cover material from the laboratory,  lecture, and the textbook.


4.   Midterm and the final examinations will include both “objective” and “subjective” questions.  Therefore, expect multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and matching questions as well as definitions, short essays, problems and calculation questions.


5.   There will be no make up examinations.  If you miss an examination without a valid excuse, you will receive a zero for that exam.  If you have a valid excuse, your final grade will be determined on the basis of other work you have completed. The only valid excuse is a medical excuse signed by a physician.  If you miss the final exam without a valid excuse you will receive “F” in the course.  Anyone not taking the final but has a valid excuse will receive an “Incomplete” in the course.  They will have to make up the “Incomplete” the next time the course is taught.

Grading errors: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THAT THE GRADES REPORTED FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ACCURATE. If you believe that there has been an error in grading, present the error in writing within one week of receiving the grade. Re-graded assignments may raise or lower the grade received. Please be certain of an error before you request a re-grade.



            Lab attendance is mandatory, and lab work and the associated exam questions counts about 40% of the course grade.  Your lab performance will be evaluated on the basis of quizzes, class discussion, lab reports and other assignments. Detailed assignments will be explained in the laboratory sections. Hard work, cooperation with the instructors, and intelligent mature behavior in the lab also figure into the grade.  Teaching assistants under faculty supervision are in complete charge of the lab and will make the grade determinations.


Extra Credit:  Sorry, there are no opportunities for extra credit.  



            Late assignments will lose a full letter grade (e.g. AàB) for each day that they are late. If an assignment is more than three days late it will be graded and returned but no credit will be given.




1.   Your final course grade will be determined largely upon the total number of points you will accumulate during the semester.


      1st Exam                              =           50 pts.

      2nd Exam                              =          100 pts.

      Final Exam                          =          200 pts.

      Laboratory                            =          200 pts.

Clicker questions                   =            50 pts.

                                                            600 pts.


2.   At the end of the semester, all of the students’ cumulative points will be arranged on a spread sheet and the faculty will determine the approximate cut off levels between letter grades. Note this: The laboratory points that are initially awarded by the TAs may be adjusted upwards or downwards by the professor in charge before they are officially put into the record. This is because different TAs give quizzes of varying difficulty.


  Incompletes: If you are doing poorly, do not expect to drop the course with an incomplete.  Incompletes will only be received by students in good standing (not failing) who have an excused absence from one of the exams.  These students will be given an incomplete and expected to arrange to take the missed exam when the course is next offered.  Arrangements to receive an incomplete must be made before the end of the semester.  Please refer to the University Policy on Incompletes for more information. 


Accessibility ResourcesStudents with disabilities sometimes require reasonable accommodations to ensure their opportunity to participate fully in a class.  Any student requesting such accommodation any time during the term should contact UB's Accessibility Resources Office, 25 Capen Hall, 645-2608, where they can document their mental or physical impairments and receive written verification of disability and individualized written accommodation recommendations.




Unless we give specific instructions to the contrary, all of your work must be yours alone.  There must be no collaborations between you and other people on tests, homework or papers.  We assume you to be competent and creative enough to do your own work and not copy from books or anyone else’s paper or tests.  If this is not the case, drop the course now.  If there is any breach in honesty, you will fail the course.  Science depends upon a total and complete devotion to truth, honesty and integrity. Many of you hope to be a health professional. Would you want your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to be a person who lies or cheats? Don’t be one of those. Life and death decisions depend upon honesty. Live up to the highest standards in all of your relationships.